Makeup Monday: 21st Birthday Celebration


IMG_6351Hey guys! This is the makeup look I wore for my 21st birthday celebration! (Stay tuned for outfit pics!)  I did a cut crease using using neutral colors from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.  I was really inspired recently by YouTube guru Chrisspy’s cut crease looks so this is my spin on it! I know it looks like an insane amount of steps but it was actually quite simple to do and it really stands out!  Continue reading for the complete steps on how to get this look!

 IMG_6352              IMG_6353

 (All shadows from Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.  Get it here!) 

1.  Apply your liquid foundation.  Save the rest of your face makeup until after you have finished the eye makeup, as there may be fall out from the eyeshadows.

2.  Apply a primer to the eyelid all the way up to the brow and under the lower lash line.  I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

3.  Using a blending brush,  apply a matte transition color to the crease and slightly above it.  This will help the shadows blend as you do the cut crease.  I used “Naked 2.”

4.  Next, apply a matte eyeshadow to the lid that is a couple shades lighter than your skin tone with a flat shader brush.  I used “Walk of Shame.”

5.  If you are going  for a double winged look like I did, apply a black liquid liner next and wing it out.  This will make it much easier to do a winged cut crease because the liner will serve as a guide for you.  If not, you can save this step until after you are done with the eyeshadow.

6.  Using a small accent brush, start to apply the cut crease with a black matte shadow.  I used “Crave.”  To do this, simply place the brush into your crease straight on and then tilt the brush a little upward.  This will help the shadow blend but will still maintain a sharp line.  Do this as far along the crease as you desire.  I went about halfway in towards the inner corner.  Going farther towards the crease will make for a more dramatic look.  At the outer corner, you can either connect it to the lash line for a more rounded look or you can create a wing like I did.  MAKE SURE TO USE SMALL AMOUNTS OF EYESHADOW FOR THIS PART.  The easiest way to achieve this look is to build up the color.  It will help you make a sharper line and it will keep you from having to start all over if you make a mistake.

7. After applying the black shadow, I decided that I wanted more brown in the look.  So I covered some of the black by blending it with Faint, a dark brown eye shadow.  

8.  Continue to blend the shadows on the upper crease so there are no sharp lines, but be careful not to mess up the cut crease.  You want this part to stay sharp!

8.  Next, I applied my highlight colors.   Using a large flat shader brush, I applied Foxy, a matte off-white, under the brows and Venus, a shimmery white, in the inner corner.

9.  Using a white eyeliner pencil, I redefined the open wing between the black eyeshadow and the liquid liner.

10.  Under the lower lash line, I applied Naked 2 all the way to the inner corner with a medium sized accent brush and a little bit of Faint on the outer corner, connecting it to the liquid liner.

11.  Apply your desired amount of black mascara.  I was going for a dramatic look so I put a thick amount using the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara.  

12.  This eye makeup really isn’t complete without some false lashes!  I used about 5 or 6 Andrea individual lashes that I got at Walgreens, placing them on the outer corner of the upper lash line to help emphasize the winged effect.

13. Next, I filled in my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder in Taupe and applied some clear brow gel.

14.  Now finish off your face makeup! I applied concealer and set it with powder foundation.  Then I contoured and highlighted and applied a light pink blush.

15.  Lastly, apply a nude lipstick or gloss.  Since we are focusing on the eyes in this look, we don’t want to take away from them with a dramatic lip.  So I applied NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.