My Son Saturday: Introducing Formula and Solids


Within the past month, we have started supplementing Jayden with formula and feeding him solids.  We started giving him formula because my milk supply was slowly decreasing and has now gotten to the point where he can really only get a good feed first thing in the morning and before bedtime.  This obviously was not good enough when he got hungry throughout the day!  So I had him slowly try formula.  I mixed some of my breast milk in with it at first and then gradually added less and less until it was straight formula.  At first, he hated formula and wanted nothing to do with it but now he drinks it down just as quickly as a bottle of breast milk!

We have been giving him Enfamil Infant powder formula.  We have a can of it that we keep at home and we also buy the single-serve powder packets.  These are really helpful because you don’t have to measure with the scoop.  The single-serve packets come with 16 in one box for $10.69 at Target.  They are awesome for when you are in a hurry or out and about!

Jayden also recently had his four month appointment at which his pediatrician said that, because of his size and strength, he was ready for solids if he seemed interested.  He had been grabbing at things on my dinner plate every night so I knew he was definitely interested!  He had a cardiology appointment that same week (he has a heart murmur) and his cardiologist suggested we give him solids, too.  So I thought, heck, we’ve had two doctors give us the okay for solids so might as well try them!

We started off giving him rice cereal mixed with either formula or my breast milk.  He didn’t really enjoy it very much but began to tolerate it after a few days.  Then we moved to sweet potatoes which he loves! He’s also tried carrots, pears, and bananas.  Surprisingly, he is not a fan of bananas.  I think they are a little TOO sweet for him.  Today, I tried giving him peas and he was not having it.  We’ll see how more savory vegetables go in the next few weeks!


Between pumping, bottle feeding, and solids, I have come across different products and supplies that have really made the transition easier.  First are the Avent bottles.  I have been using these with Jayden ever since I got him on a bottle, which was around the time he turned 8 weeks.  I might also just be lucky in that I did not have to go searching for a nipple that he liked.  He took the Avent bottle straight away the first time he tried it!  But anyways, I like them because they do not leak from where the lid screws on or from the snap on lid.  They can be thrown into the diaper bag with no worries!  They also come in different sizes, so I have both the 4 oz and the 9 oz bottles.  

Once Jayden was on a bottle, I got a dishwasher basket to put all of the parts in.  Bottles and pumping accessories come with a lot of separate parts, especially small ones, so this was crucial if I was going to use the dishwasher to clean them. I picked up the Munchkin deluxe dishwasher basket at Target, which retails at $3.99.  It is great because it has a separate rack at the top designed for bottle nipples.  There is also a removable divider that goes inside, which is handy!  This past week, I got another one because of all the bottles Jayden goes through in a day now.  The basket keeps all the bottle parts contained and keeps them from floating around.

Since he is drinking formula now, too, I got a couple of the Munchkin formula dispensers.  They are great because they can hold up to 9 serving in them.  The dispenser is divided into 3 sections and has a lid that rotates so you can open it from one section and pour out the needed amount of formula.  They retail for $3.79 each at Target.  Great for on the go!

For his solids, I got a pack of 6 Munchkin soft-tip spoons ($3.99).  They are dishwasher safe and they won’t hurt the baby’s gums.  I got a pack of 5 Munchkin plastic bowls that are dishwasher and microwave safe ($4.79).  And lastly, I got the Tommee Tippee easi-roll bibs. They come in packs of 2 for $6.56 (sale price) at Target.  They are awesome because they are like a silicone material (not exactly sure what material) so food does not soak into them.  This also makes for easy cleaning; all you have to do is rinse them.  They also have the scooping at the bottom to catch food.  Great for keeping meal times just a tad bit neater!

I love how affordable Munchkin is.  I have not had a bad experience with any of their products!  Hope this helps some of you save a few pennies and makes transitioning to solids and formula a little easier!