Wellness Wednesday: Using the Lose It App


In the past month or so, I have began tracking  what I eat during the day (or at least trying to).  I have noticed a difference in my body since I have been working out but I knew that if I started a stricter diet, I would get even better results.  So, I decided to start using an app that I have used in the past to count calories.  It is called Lose It and it works pretty much the same way as Weight Watchers.  Instead of using points like Weight Watchers, it counts the calories themselves.

Unfortunately, I slacked last week.  But it just went to show how much the app was helping me when I was really sticking to it.  I have my weight loss goal set at losing 2 lbs. per week.  This puts me at about 1300 calories per day to reach my goal weight.  I didn’t realize how much this app works until I didn’t do it for a week and gained a (not even kidding) 5 whopping lbs. back.

What I love about this app is you can eat anything you want.  It just makes you think more about the food choices you make.  You can look up what you’re eating and you can even scan barcodes to find your foods.  It even has a lot of meals from restaurants in it, which is really helpful.

The Lose It app also lets you enter in exercise so that gives you some calories back.

I really want to be diligent in logging my eating and exercise.  It makes me so much more aware of the junk I eat when I don’t log it.  It is much harder to sit down in front of a TV with a bag of chips when I have to go enter it into the app and realize how much I’ve eaten.  I think of it as a challenge for myself since it tells you how many calories you have left for the rest of the day.

There are similar apps with the same principle such as My Fitness Pal.  I’m not sure which is better but Lose It has been working for me!

I will keep you guys updated on how my use of this app is going, not only for something to blog about, but so I keep up with this!